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Make learning about the world an unforgettable adventure

Original audio stories for kids about other countries and cultures
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“I absolutely LOVE these stories. The content is amazing and the stories are so original and engaging. They are absolute treasures.”

–Holly K.

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We add a new engaging story and educational parent guide to your personal story library each week.

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You stream the story from your story library or download to listen on your favorite audio platforms.

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Spark further learning with discussion topics, printables, recipes and activities.

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Each 30-minute story will teach and inspire your kids while engaging their imagination.

Around the World Stories - Sample Clip - King's Day: Part 1

King’s Day

A story about The Netherlands

Jasper gets a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to spend the day with the Dutch royal family! But will he get out of a tricky situation during a game of hide and seek with the princess?

Around the World Stories - Sample Clip - Mozart's Violin

The Wall Watcher

A story about China

When Jia goes camping with her parents and encounters a fox on the Great Wall of China, she experiences something she certainly was not looking for – magic.

Around the World Stories - Sample Clip - King's Day: Part 1

The Vanishing Sunflowers

A story about Vincent Van Gogh

Paintings by Vincent van Gogh are just disappearing from their canvases — like they never existed. Only Davy and Marigold can fix the problem by traveling back in time and convincing the artist to keep painting.

What you get

  • A new 30-minute original adventure delivered to your inbox every week.
  • A parent guide with each story full of discussion topics, recipes and activities to connect your child with the culture.
  • A new country and culture introduced every four weeks.
  • Culture, geography and history woven into the stories in exciting ways for organic learning.
  • Engaging characters that bring young listeners into their lives as they solve mysteries, celebrate holidays, go on adventures and make a difference in their community–all of which inspires children to learn more about that culture and country.

Europe stories

Follow the fun adventures of children from 13 different European countries

A story each week

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Each week receive a new 30-minute story, with a different country featured every four weeks. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

52 stories

One time payment of $135

You will receive immediate, lifetime access to all 52 Europe stories. You can listen to the stories in the order and at the pace you prefer.

Asia stories

Follow the adventures of children from all around Asia

A story each week

$14.95 per month

52 Stories

One time payment of $135

Artists Around the World

Exciting stories about six famous artists throughout history

Artist stories (6 stories)

One payment of $24.95

What others are saying

I can’t say enough about how much my boys (ages 6 and 9) LOVE Around the World Stories! They ask each week if we’ve received our new story, and they ask to re-listen to their favorite stories… that’s when I knew this was something special. I also love what they are learning about different cultures and the great moral lessons!


My three daughters (9.5, 7.5, & 5.5) are all eager to listen to the new story each week. The stories are so vivid and easily inviting for all age ranges in our family. It is a lovely thing when we can come together and enjoy something so unique and straight up fun that doesn’t require anything other than our imaginations and quiet time spent in one another’s company.


“We have been living in Europe for the past year, but I think my 6 year-old son learned more about Europe from your stories that we listened to each morning on the way to school than he did from any other source. We’ve enjoyed them immensely.”