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Welcome families attending the Family Conference of Sub-Saharan Africa!

We write original audio stories that teach kids about other countries and cultures in a fun and memorable way. Our 30-minute stories focus on the adventures of a child from another country, introducing listeners to how other kids in the world live, play, learn, eat and celebrate. As you prepare to travel to Europe this winter, get your kids excited and inspired to see it all. The stories are for kids ages 5-12.

We’ve created separate story sets for France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands. Each set features four stories that will leave your kids excited to have their own European adventure. Each story also comes with its own parent guide with discussion topics, recipes and activity ideas. Just chose a country and sign up for $9.95. To buy multiple sets, simply return to this page and sign up for another one.

We wish you safe travels, fun adventures, happy listening and joyful learning!

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Join Lacey as she races to rescue a dog on the streets of Paris, makes an unbelievable discovery in the d’Orsay museum, puts on a magic show in her town in Southern France and saves a patch of beautiful lavender from being forgotten. Your kids will learn all about French traditions, food, Paris, Bastille Day,┬áProvence, Petanque, impressionism and more.


Join Lucia and Mateo as they celebrate New Year’s Eve in Madrid, create their own Spanish restaurant, discover the beauty of their hometown and meet a boy in Barcelona with a very famous great grandfather. You’ll learn about Spanish New Year’s Eve traditions, Madrid, Barcelona, Southern Spain, Mediterranean food, Spanish family structures, Picasso and more.


Join Maja as she gets lost on a mountain with her family, creates a magical gift for her grandmother’s birthday, gets in over her head at a farm in the Black Forest and discovers the true meaning of St. Martin’s Day in Bavaria. You’ll learn all about German holiday traditions, food, farm life, the Bavarian Alps, castles, life in a German city and more.


Join Gianna and Lorenzo as they take over their family’s gelateria in Florence for a day, help a talented graffiti artist in Rome and race around Venice to find a specific gondola. You’ll learn about Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Venice, gelato, the Renaissance, the Vatican, the Romans, the history of pizza and more.


Join Eva as she works to save the stray cats in Lisbon, enriches the lives of a home full of elderly people, learns the value of kindness and discovers the majesty of the cork forests. You’ll learn about Lisbon, Carnival, food, Portuguese explorers, Fado music, the amazing cork forests and much more.

The Netherlands

Join Jasper as he discovers who’s been stealing his father’s prize tulips, saves the day at the Dutch baking festival, rescues an actual princess and spends time with the royal family. You’ll learn about 17th century Tulip-mania, Amsterdam, stroopwafles, Van Gogh, family culture, King’s Day, Dutch royalty and more.

Artists Around the World

Join Davy and Marigold in this 6-story series as they travel in time to meet famous artists from the past 600 years. Get to know Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, O’Keeffe and Kandinsky and find out what inspired their history changing art. Your kids will love these adventures while learning about important painters and artistic styles.

Europe 52-story set

Sign up for the complete Europe set for 52 fun stories about 13 different European countries and cultures. Featured countries include: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Poland, England, and Greece. Until the end of the year, use the promo code EUROPE20 for $20 off the regular price.

Europe Story-a-week subscription

Sign up for our Europe Story-a-week subscription and receive a new adventure each week. It’s a year’s worth of fun and educational stories along with engaging learning resources such as recipes, activity ideas and discussion topics. Until the end of the year use the code EUROPE1 for a free 1-month trial.

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