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Free Story:¬†“The Secret Ingredient”

A story for kids about The Netherlands

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About Our Stories for Kids 5-12

Stories that educate and entertain

Our audio stories for kids ages 5 to 12 draw young listeners into the fun adventures of children from other cultures and countries, bringing to life how they live, play, eat, think and learn.

Activities that deepen the experience

Each story comes with a helpful parent guide including discussion points, country background and activities to make the story a truly memorable and educational experience.

Hi, we’re Matt and Tania, the creators of Around the World Stories.

To help us create the most authentic stories possible, we are currently traveling abroad with our three daughters and loyal labradoodle, immersing ourselves in the life and culture of each country we visit. We’re taking our long-time passion for travel, learning and cultures and sharing them through the joy of stories. We hope you join us!