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Revealing other cultures

Our audio stories draw young listeners, ages 5-12, into the fun adventures of children from other cultures and countries, bringing to life how they live, play, eat, think and learn. MAYBE SOMETHING MORE COMPELLING HERE.

Story Guides to deepen the experience

Each 30-minute story comes with a guide including discussion points, background information and activities to make the story come to life and create a truly memorable experience.

Take a Listen

Use the play buttons below to listen to some clips!

Around the World Stories - Sample Clip - King's Day: Part 1
King’s Day: Part 1
A story about The Netherlands
Jasper gets a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to spend the day with the Dutch royal family! But will he get out of a tricky situation during a game of hide and seek with the princess?
Around the World Stories - Sample Clip - Mozart's Violin
Mozart’s Violin
A story about Austria
Mirabell is on the case when Mozart’s violin is stolen. The young detective has the suspects narrowed down, but will she find the thief before the precious instrument leaves Salzburg?
Around the World Stories - Sample Clip - King's Day: Part 1
The Tulip Thief
A story about The Netherlands
Jasper secretly catches the rabbit that’s been eating his father’s prize tulips. When Jasper brings his new pet to school in his backpack, he might not be able to keep his secret much longer.

How it Works

Access your personal online story library anytime on any device.

Stream your stories from your library or download them for offline listening.

Spark discussion and learn together using the parent guides.

Have fun with the accompanying crafts, recipes and activities.

Europe stories

Follow the fun adventures of children from 13 different European countries

A story each week

$9.95 per month after 30-day free trial 

Each week receive a new 30-minute story, with a different country featured every four weeks. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

52 stories

One time payment of $99

You will receive immediate, lifetime access to all 52 Europe stories. You can listen to the stories in the order and at the pace you prefer. 

Artists Around the World

Fun and educational stories about six famous artists

Artist stories (6 stories)

One time payment of $19.95

You will receive access to six inspiring stories about artists from around the world featuring: Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, Michelangelo and O’Keeffe.

What Others Are Saying

Such rich descriptions and beautiful vocabulary that you feel like you are right in the story watching it all happen before your eyes. You can authentically visit another country without leaving your home and listen to a story that will resonate with children (and adults) alike!

teacher and mother of 3

The story was so much fun, and I loved how there were so many learning points throughout the story!  You made it fun to learn about another country. When we were finished with the story, my kids immediately wanted to find the Netherlands on the map. We are all already looking forward to receiving the next one!

mother of 3

Eloquently and lovingly written stories and poignantly spoken by the storyteller. Virtues such as grace, humility, kindness, and compassion are highlighted gracefully throughout the stories and developed seamlessly and with loving care within the characters. These are kind stories with true meaning I’d love for my sweet grandchildren’s ears to hear.


Grandmother (Nana) to 9

Follow Our Travel Adventures

Over the last year, our family has visited 13 European countries, researching, writing and recording our stories along the way. We sold nearly everything we own and traded it all in for five backpacks and a doggie bike trailer for our loyal labradoodle.

Through our blog, we report back about all the places we go and interesting people we meet while we learn more about these countries and their traditions in order to bring you the most authentic stories possible.

Follow our blog, and check us out on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest for pictures and stories from our travels. We’d love to have you along!