Win our 52 Europe audio story set for your family and one for a friend – plus a Europe continent box!

Make 2018 the year of learning about the world with your kids!

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On Feburary 16th, two lucky winners will win:

  1. Our 52-story Europe audio story set, including parent guides with recipes, activity ideas, discussion points and more.
  2. A gift certificate for another Europe set to give to a friend.
  3. A Europe continent box with more than 30 goodies from different countries in Europe to enjoy while you listen. See what’s inside.

Once you enter, you’ll learn how you can increase your odds of winning by telling a friend!

What’s inside the continent box?

  • Cork pen from the cork forests of Portugal
  • Ravensburger 3D globe puzzle
  • The Little Prince
  • Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
  • Playmobil Gelato truck set
  • Les Sables de La Mere Poulard cookies from Paris
  • Sea salt and luxury pepper from Cornwall, England
  • Two wooden crepe making tools from Paris
  • Stroopwafels with Van Gogh tin from Amsterdam
  • Large chocolate Euro coin from Germany
  • Barcelos Rooster keychain from Portugal
  • Eiffel Tower keychain from Paris
  • Tulip pen from Amsterdam
  • Pencil, ruler and sharpener set from Paris
  • French flag
  • Lavender soap from Provence, France
  • Crystal salt from the salt mines near Salzburg, Austria
  • De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles from The Netherlands (typical breakfast food!)
  • Van Gogh pencil case from the Van Gogh Museum in The Netherlands
  • Van Gogh paintbrush pen from the Van Gogh Museum in The Netherlands
  • Case of chocolate Euro bills from Germany
  • Glass klogs keychain from The Netherlands
  • Euro coin bank from Germany
  • Soccer rubber duck from The Netherlands
  • Dutch birthday calendar from The Netherlands
  • Dark Chocolate pretzel cookies from Germany
  • Monet Sticker Art Gallery book from Monet’s home in Giverny, France
  • Beret from Paris
  • 5” Eiffel Tower from Paris
  • Leprechaun plush toy
  • Around the World Stories canvas bag, notepad with pen and keychain

What makes Around the World Stories so great for kids and families?

Around the World Stories creates fun, enriching stories that teach kids about the world in a memorable way. Our 52-story Europe set introduces 13 cultures to young listeners through fun and engaging adventures. Stories include parent guides with activity ideas to add to the fun and learning. Each story is 30 minutes long and created for kids ages 5-12.

Your kids will solve the mystery of Mozart’s missing violin in Austria, help Jasper win the Stroopwafel competition in the Netherlands, find treasure on the Greek islands, be inspired by Anders as he creates a new invention in Denmark, race with a leprechaun in Ireland and so much more!

Come adventure and learn with us about the many beautiful cultures and traditions of Europe!

Don’t wait! Enter the contest above for your chance to get these amazing audio stories for you and a friend for FREE!