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Make your own time capsule

Find a secure container and put together a few things you want people to remember from your time. It can be coins, toys, magazines, recipes, or something else altogether. Be creative! Be sure to put the date on or inside your time capsule, and the date you want it to be opened written on the outside. When you’re finished, find a good place to hide it. You could bury it, put it under your porch or even up a tree in the middle of a forest. Just make sure it won’t be found easily. With luck, somebody will be excited to find it someday!

Khinkali recipe


Did You Know?

Story fun facts

  •  The world’s deepest cave – Krubera Cave in Georgia. It takes about 27 days to reach the bottom of the cave.
  • Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world.
  • The Georgian flag was adopted on January 14, 2004, making it one of the world’s newest flags.
  • Yes, there’s a country in Europe that is commonly mistaken for the USA state of Georgia! Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia (between the Caucasus mountains and Black Sea). While it technically falls in Asia, the locals consider the country to be part of Europe.
  • One of the oldest known time capsules was hidden in Massachusetts in 1795 and discovered in 2014. It included coins, newspapers and a copper medal depicting George Washington.

The Georgian language

  • Only about four million people speak Georgian, as the only place it’s spoken is Georgia.
  • Over time Georgian writing has evolved from its original form and has undergone three stages – AsomtavruliNuskhakhutsuri, and Mkhedruli. The latter is what Georgians use today and has 33 letters, but no capitals.
  • You can often see three or four and even up to eight consonants in a word, but two of the same consonant can’t be side by side in a word.
  • There aren’t separate words for he, she, it and that. When speaking in the third person, whether you’re male or female, you’ll be referred to as ‘ის’ (pronounced is).
  • The word for hello (გამარჯობა, pronounced gamarjoba), also means victory.


Georgian words