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We write fun, memorable audio stories that teach children about the world’s countries and cultures while capturing their imagination and sparking their inner explorer. Your kids will save a Dutch princess, solve the case of Mozart’s missing violin, discover magic along the Great Wall of China, stumble upon a hidden world beneath the Taj Mahal and so much more!

We’re passionate about storytelling, travel and learning about the world and are thrilled to be sharing our stories with you! That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with Ultimate Bundles to give you this exclusive bonus offer – a 10-story library of our Europe audio stories!

You’ll get 10 stories about 10 different European countries along with parent guides full of activity ideas, recipes, discussion topics and country background. Be sure to redeem this offer before November 2.

We hope so much our stories bring your family much joy and inspiration!

Our stories

Exclusive offers for bundle purchasers

Free (before November 2)

An exclusive set of 10 stories about Europe

Sign up for your free 10 original audio stories. They’re perfect for kids ages 5-12 and teach all about Europe in a fun and memorable way. The stories come with parent guides full of activity ideas, recipes, printables and more!

40% off

Our 52-story sets about Europe and Asia

Receive 40% off any of our Europe or Asia story sets or subscriptions! You’ll receive a new weekly story or all 52 at once to take your kids on adventures around the world. They’ll hike the German Alps, perform a special tea ceremony in Japan, meet dolphins in the Black Sea and so much more. You’ll also receive parent guides with each story full of extra activity ideas, recipes and printables! Be sure to use the code BUNDLESTORIES.

25% off

A six-story set about artists around the world

Receive 25% off our stories about artists around the world! You’ll have immediate access to all six stories about artists to share with your kids. Celebrate, learn and be inspired by some of the world’s amazing artists, what inspired them and how each of them changed the world of art forever. Each story also comes with a complete parent guide full of activity ideas, recipes and printables for even more fun and learning. Use the code BUNDLEART. 

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